The Heliopolis Project is an Egyptian-German joint venture project directed by Dr. Aiman Ashmawy from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and PD Dr. Dietrich Raue from the University of Leipzig. The project is active at the site since 2012, when the first archaeological investigation
was carried out by only a small team of egyptologists, archaeologists and workmen. Since then, one or two field seasons take place each year and the mission is constantly growing bigger. Numerous scholars with different expertise from all over the world have joined the team and many new collaborations came to light. Since 2012, the Institute of Geography from the University of Gent (Belgium) is represented by Prof. Morgan De Dapper and the Academy of Sciences Warsaw (Poland) by Thomasz Herbich. In 2015, the i3mainz, the Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology from the Hochschule Mainz (Germany), represented by Prof. Dr. Kai-Christian Bruhn, joined the project and is now mainly responsible for the evaluation of spatial data generated in the field.

Although it’s not always easy to excavate a site like Heliopolis – being directly located in a modern suburb of Cairo and neighbored by crowded streets in every direction –, we have built up a team of international colleagues working hand in hand from the drawings in the field to the publication of the results. In order to get to know our team members, see the page below.

Dr. Aiman Ashmawy

  • Date of birth: 20.07.1971
  • Studied Egyptology at the Cairo University during 1993 – 2002
  • PhD topic: „An Archaeological study of the second intermediate period in the Delta“ (2012)
  • Current positions: Co-Director of the Heliopolis Project, Director of the archeological sector of the Ministry of Antiquities
PD Dr. Dietrich Raue

  • Date of birth: 05.09.1967
  • Studied Egyptology, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Heidelberg during 1986 – 1996
  • PhD topic: „Heliopolis und das Haus des Re. Eine Prosopographie und ein Toponym im Alten Reich“ (1996)
  • Current positions: Co-Director of the Heliopolis Project, Curator of the Egyptian Museum – Georg Steindorff – of the University of Leipzig
Prof. Dr. Kai-Christian Bruhn

  • Date of birth: 24.01.1970
  • Studied Pre- and Early History, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at the Universities of Berlin and Heidelberg during 1991-1998
  • PhD topic: „Ammoniaca I: “Kein Tempel der Pracht“. Architektur und Geschichte des Tempels aus der Zeit des Amasis auf Agurmi (Aghurmi), Oase Siwa“ (2002)
  • Current positions: Director of mainzed: Mainzer Zentrum für Digitalität in den Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, Cooperation partner of the Heliopolis Project
Khalid Mohammed Abou el-Ela

  • Director of Antiquities of Matariya (Cairo)




Hoda Kamal Ahmed

  • Director of Matariya Museum (Cairo)




Prof. Dr. Morgan de Dapper

  • Geomorphologist and Geoarchaeologist (Gent)




Tomasz Herbich

  • Geophysicist (Warsaw)




Pieter Johannes Collet

  • Draftsman and Surveyor (Cairo)




Thomas Graichen (until June 2017)

  • PhD-Candidate (Mainz)




Christopher Breninek

  • MA-Candidate (University of Leipzig)




Stephanie Schulz

  • MA-Candidate (University of Leipzig)




Klara Dietze

  • MA-Candidate (University of Leipzig)




Abd el-Aziz Abadalla (Quft)
Saad Abadalla (Quft)
Mamduh Sherqawi Abbas (Quft)
Sherqawi Abbas (Quft)
Ahmed Abed (Quft)
Wael Abd el-Hamid Adam (Cairo)
Ahmed Ali Ahmed (Quft)
Omar Mohammed Ahmed (Cairo)
Wahby Mohammed Akrumy (Quft)
Naim Amer (Quft)
Menal Mansour Ali (Cairo)
Selman Mohammed Ali (Quft)
Abd el-Fattah Ali (Quft)
Walaa Ali (Cairo)
Abed Atta (Quft)
Mohammed Atef (Cairo)
Wagida Abd el-Aziz (Cairo)
Hosni Badia (Cairo)
Aiman Bakhit (Quft)
Shathli Bakhit (Quft)
El-Amir Todrus Barakat (Cairo)
Max Johann Beiersdorf (Cottbus)
Fawzi Ali Berberi (Quft)
Hani Fawzy Ali Berberi (Quft)
Susi Bergmann (Leipzig)
Dr. Louise Bertini (Cairo)
Dr. Simon Connor
Hamdi Mohammed el-Duqi (Quft)
Mahmud Tharwat Abu el-Fadl (Cairo)
Gharib Farag (Quft)
Amira Farag Emam (Cairo)
Mohammed Farid (Cairo)
Khaled Abd el-Fattah (Quft)
Said Fikri (Quft)
Grit Karen Friedmann (Leipzig)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Fritsch (Stuttgart)
Abd el-Gabbar (Quft)
Ishaq Halim Gaber (Cairo)
Adel Hamid (Quft)
Aid Abu’l Hamid (Quft)
Saleh Hamid (Quft)
Dr. Luc Gabolde (Montpellier/Lyon)
Abdu Gaut (Quft)
Maximilian Georg (Leipzig)
Sayed Gharib (Quft)
Hassan Hassani (Quft)
Dr. Jana Helmbold-Doyé (Berlin)
Sayed Helmi (Quft)
Ahmed Hodari (Quft)
Mohammed Gamal Hozeyen (Cairo)
Prof. Dr. Salima Ikram (Cairo)
Mariana Jung (Berlin)
Damien Laisney (Lyon)
Florence Langermann (Leipzig)
Shenouda Fawzy Labib (Cairo)
Ezzat Maghauri (Cairo)
Hind Abd el-Nabi Mohammed (Cairo)
Tamer Ahmed Mohammed (Cairo)
Ashraf Ibrahim Mohammed (Cairo)
Walaa Omar Mohammed (Cairo)
Wassim Moussa (Stuttgart)
Asja Müller (Kiel)
Mosaad Nokrashy (Quft)
Jakub Ordutowski (Warsaw)
Virag Pabeschitz (Budapest)
Erico Peintner (Cairo)
Dr. Lutz Popko (Leipzig)
Asmaa Abd el-Aziz Ramadan (Cairo)
Samir Abd el-Raouf (Cairo)
Dr. Pamela Rose (Cairo)
Cornelia Römer (Cairo)
Robert Ryndziewicz (Warsaw)
Adel Saadani (Cairo)
Ahmed el-Amir Kamil Saddik (Quft)
Rais Ashraf el-Amir Kamil Saddik (Quft)
Rais El-Amir Kamil Saddik (Quft)
Mohammed Sayed (Cairo)
Mohammed Abadalla AbuSed (Quft)
Amr el-Seikat (Cairo)
Merwa Adel Sobhy (Cairo)
Marie-Kristin Schröder (Cairo)
Dawid Swiech (Warsaw)
Federica Ugliano (Turin)
Dr. Nicholas Warner (Cairo)
Mohammed Abd el-Wahab (Stuttgart)
Michael Weissl (Wien)
Marion Wenzel (Leipzig)